In Heroic Improvisation workshops, groups practice rapidly innovating together in high-stakes events.

Herioc Improvisation workshops can be adapted for your team, corporation or association.

Mary Tyszkiewicz, Ph.D can evaluate the current strengths and weaknesses of your team.

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We all have a hero inside of us.  When a catastrophe strikes, our heroes are called upon.  In the heroic improvisation practice, we practice how to be ready to put on our proverbial capes and fly. Disaster preparation training might not like sound fun, the planning and training can be tedious, but knowing how to act heroically with others is the key.What determines success when catastrophe strikes is our ability to listen, trust and act together.  We are forced to act even when we don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.  Every new challenge we face in such situations requires us to “make it up as we go along.”  Potential danger requires us to know the plan of action, and chaos requires us to improvise responses to execute it.  The heroic improvisation workshop puts us in a chaotic situation and gives us the felt-sense of moving into action together in a high stakes situation.  Improvisational exercises enable us to practice the skills of individual awareness, leadership focus, and coordinated action that are required in difficult situations.



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What is Heroic Improvisation?


Heroic Improv in ActionThis video shows an example of ordinary people responding to a catastrophe in a powerful and unexpected way during 9/11/01 in New York City. This video describes the boat evacuation from the southern tip of Manhattan.At minute 5:30 of this video, you can see the Coast Guard decision to organize the nascent rescue through a radio call. This moment illustrates the moment where the strong player -- chooses boldly and focuses the action. Once boat captains knew how to participate, hundreds of boats started steaming toward Manhattan - as quickly as 20 minutes after the radio call. Ferries, party boats, private boats and tugboats showed up for the evacuation.