Heroic Improv In Action

Heroic Improv Cycle© describes spontaneous rescues.  It works. I have case studies of dramatic rescues ripped from the headlines using the HIC.  I have documented many stories of how Filipinos survived Super-Typhoon Haiyan and how volunteers helped survivors in Superstorm Sandy.  These successful survivor stories demonstrate they used the same model found in the HIC to find creative solutions to save themselves and others.

Heroic Improv Program© transcend cultures. We have run the workshop in the Philippines using English, Tagalong, the Manila-area language and Waray, the local language in Central Philippines most affected by the Super-Typhoon. We also transcended the differences in the Spanish spoken by Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran child migrants, when we did a version of this workshop with them in the U.S.
Heroic Improv Program© works for diverse people and groups.  We have done the workshop with hundreds of participants in the U.S. and the Philippines, ranging in age from 10 - 80 years old.  We have run the workshop with different groups, such as citizens, disaster survivors, disaster volunteers, emergency responders, and staff groups from airlines, child-care facilities, conference centers and schools.

 Heroic Improv helps all be ready to get safe in dire situations. During difficult times, people want to make a difference.  They also want to feel confident in their ability to help themselves and others. The Heroic Improv exercises build confidence that they can help each other in small groups of 16 or fewer.  When small groups practice confronting the unknown and uncomfortable in low-stakes play, they prepare for greater survival when the stakes are high.  My research has shown once people feel confident in their abilities, they are motivated to get the knowledge and skills they need for specific crises affecting their communities, whether they are natural, accidental, or on-purpose terrorism.  Heroic Improv makes a difference for anyone to be ready to respond.